Kirkus Review Praises My Novel!

Kirkus Review just posted a review of The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte. They liked it!

You can read the review here.


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12 responses to “Kirkus Review Praises My Novel!

  1. Ruth – wow! Although I am not surprised at all. I must get your book soon, it really does sound wonderful. Congratulations on the accolades, especially one from this august journal!

  2. Awesome news! That’s truly fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. giorge thomas

    That’s amazing!

  4. How thrilling, Ruth. Good for you!

  5. That’s amazing! I’m one of the people at my library who looks at the catalogs that come in (Kirkus, Publisher’s Weekly), and Kirkus is SO tough on people it’s just harrowing at times.

  6. They said that not all indie reviews made it into the print issue. As I said, I’m hoping but not holding my breath. It sure would help though! I don’t think many people dig around their website. But either way, I can quote it in flyers and my publisher put it up on Amazon.

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