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Sunday Book Review: A Thousand Ships

This is a fascinating patchwork of chapters recounting the stories of the women named in the epics and myths about the war. It’s not purely chronological. Occasionally, the author flashes back to give an important back story. For instance, Iphigenia came fairly late in the story as did the story of the golden apple disputed by the three goddesses. Some of the stories are very painful, while others show resilience. I love that the women are finally getting their due.…/dp/1509836195/ref=nodl_


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Sunday Review: The Children’s Blizzard by Melanie Benjamin


This novel is based on true historical events that I knew about from working on history textbooks, so I was anxious to read it. Unlike her other books, Benjamin writes about mostly fictional characters in this one. The story is gripping and horrifying. Think about “To Build a Fire” on a vast scale. Honestly, this is my favorite novel of those that I’ve read by this author.

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