Child of the Cold War,
trained to see mushroom clouds
as the avatar of devastation,
entertained by movies
about Day-After desolation
and gamma-ray mutation,
I now, to preserve my life,
must submit to
intentional radiation.
Is it any wonder
that my primary reaction
is cogntive dissonance
and bemused mystification?


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8 responses to “Brinkmanship

  1. Nice poem. Have you been writing long?

  2. I think that sounds like just the right way to feel.

    I was born before the fall of the Berlin Wall, so too late for duck and cover and mushroom clouds; my fascination in such things came much, much later. But your cognitive dissonance, I feel I understand, at least intellectually.

  3. Cognitive dissonance, yes, but much courage.

  4. sheafferhistorian

    JF Dulles wouldn’t get it.

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