Of Biopsy Results, Part 2

The other day I mentioned that I recently had another biopsy. The results came in yesterday. My lymph nodes are clear, so we caught the cancer at the earliest stage before it has spread at all. I still need preventive treatment to reduce the risk of its coming back, but it shouldn’t be too bad. This was the best possible news at this stage, and I’m very grateful.


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19 responses to “Of Biopsy Results, Part 2

  1. I’m so glad it hasn’t spread anywhere! Best well wishes with the treatment.

  2. Wonderful news! I’m so happy for you. xoxo

  3. Whew! I’m glad to hear this.

  4. Very best of luck with the treatment!

  5. Wonderful news Ruth! A lesson for us all to be vigilant and proactive about our health, thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. giorge thomas

    Hearts to you, Ruth. Hope all goes well!

    • Thanks, Giorge. I expect to start radiation in a couple of weeks. We’re pretty sure I don’t need chemo (as long as my chest X-ray is clear).

      • giorge thomas

        That’ll be a win. Chemo’s a bitch. And hey, you’ll get a pretty little tattoo now! (Unless they don’t do that anymore)

      • Yes, they still do the tatoo, although they told me it would be temporary. I didn’t know you had been through this too. I’m discovering I’ve joined quite a sorority.

      • giorge thomas

        Oh, no, I haven’t. Yet I’ve known many who have, which is a shame. It’s only when you start talking about cancer that you realise how many people it touches.

        Pity that it’s a temporary tattoo. Maybe when you’re in the clear you can get a permanent to commemorate your victory!

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