Bringing Home the Gold

Hi all. I know I’ve been neglecting this blog. I’ve been trying to get into the new novel, and that’s taken most of my creative energy lately.

However, I just had to tell you all about a new honor for The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte. The book took the gold medal in the Reader’s Favorite Book Award Contest in the category of Fiction—Historical Personage! I’m really excited. I’ll be going to Miami in November to receive my medal. Woo hoo!




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14 responses to “Bringing Home the Gold

  1. That is really great news, Ruth. I am delighted for you (…and a little jealous!).

  2. Congrats!!! Swing by Orlando and say hello 😀

  3. Florence Brewer

    This is wonderful news—congratulations !

  4. Ooh, shiny gold medal. Very cool! Many Congratulations!

  5. The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte would be delighted to know that you won a medal by telling the story of her life.

  6. Glad to see the update, I’ve checked back a couple of times to see if you’d updated. CONGRATULATIONS on your award! That’s really cool.

    Hope the new novel is going well!

    • Thanks, Jen. Yes I think it’s going well. The research is basically done, and I’ve written 7 chapters–of a projected 28, but you know how that it is. It’s a fluid goal.

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