The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte, by Ruth Hull Chatlien, Showcases Betsy, American Wife of Napoleon’s Brother

Yesterday, The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte was reviewed on Oh, for the Hook of a Book.

Oh, for the HOOK of a BOOK!

The Ambitious Madame BonaparteThe Ambitious Madame Bonaparte , by Ruth Hull Chatlien, was a wonderfully enlightening read about a woman I knew little about, an American woman from Baltimore society that married Jerome Bonaparte, Napoleon’s brother.  The title really does say it all, as Betsy Patterson, a young woman who always dreamed of marrying  into high society of Europe’s elite, doesn’t take any stops on her way of making a name for herself and enjoying life at French court.

However, even when most of it doesn’t work out to be pretty as a picture for her, we can admire her strength, motivation, perseverance, independence, and ingenuity. Betsy Bonaparte is thrilling to me. I admire a woman who goes after what she wants at all cost and doesn’t settle for what anyone tells her she should be content with. Of course, as this is based on a true story, I really admire the research…

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