The First Page, Featuring Author Ruth Hull Chatlien, The No. 3 First Page Writer

Susan Wingate


After years being online in social settings, many amazing people have come into my life. “Some are even librarians!” She shouted. So, it pleases me today to welcome Ms. Ruth Hull Chatlien, librarian-turned-author to The First Page with a 300-word excerpt from the first page of her latest novel, THE AMBITIOUS MADAME BONAPARTE. You will find this novel slotted in the historical fiction genre.


Taking the footman’s hand, eighty-five-year-old Betsy Bonaparte gingerly alighted from the carriage and readjusted her voluminous skirts. How she hated the current bustled fashions, so much more cumbersome than the slim empire gowns of her youth.

As Betsy labored up the marble steps of her son’s mansion, her daughter-in-law opened the door. Susan May’s round face was lined with worry, and her dark eyes were sorrowful. She stepped back to allow Betsy to enter and then bent to kiss the tiny older…

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