Runoff (a poem)

Today’s weather makes it possible for me to post this poem from a few years past because it looks forward to spring.



Last snowcover

outside my window,

once mounded smooth

as new-spun meringue

and clean as a carton

of unscooped ice cream,

now grainy and brittle

and friable beneath my feet.

It’s melting, melting.

The water flows across

still-hard ground,

and escapes into city sewers,

but in my mind,

I hear the rush of rivers

splashing, foaming,

racing me toward springdom.


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6 responses to “Runoff (a poem)

  1. Well done. I love nature poems. Thanks Ruth! -S

  2. Nice Ruth. We’re experiencing the same thing here except the melt is so sudden we’ve got some flooding. But anything’s better than all that snow!

  3. We had a pretty hot day today–but it’s supposed to snow again on Wednesday. Still, we’ll be out of it soon! Lovely poem. Hope springdom is truly here soon.

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