Sunday Check In

Last week I was adjusting to daily radiation treatments, so I never got around to writing my own or reading other people’s blog posts. This afternoon, I decided that I’m not going to be able to catch up reading other blogs, so I’ll just try to start fresh tomorrow.

One thing I did last summer was to go to an interactive history museum as early research for my next novel, which is set in a frontier area. I think I might make it a regular practice to post a few pictures from that every Sunday. And I’ll start today.





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9 responses to “Sunday Check In

  1. I love the pottery. I used to throw on a potter’s wheel. It takes all the mental energy, concentration, and physical strength a person has in the body and soul to make a piece. Practiced potters make it look so easy. I eventually made seventy five pieces. Many with creative glazes and artistic ornamentation. I know that I couldn’t do it anymore. I certainly have a much greater appreciation for cultures who have depended upon the practice historically.

  2. I LOVE interactive history museums! I grew up near one in New Jersey, Allaire State Park, visited Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts, and also went to Williamsburg, VA (though we didn’t shell out to go into anything in Williamsburg).

  3. Living history museums are so cool. I loved Williamsburg. Also, I went to a place in Illinois called Cantigny. I think there were large tanks outside on the grounds. My little cousin loved those.

  4. Hope you’re feeling a bit better today, Ruth

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