An Inspiring Athlete

This morning, I’m going to share a blog post with you that was written by someone in a completely different walk of life—Bruce Conner, who at the age of 57 is still competing as a world class long-track speed skater. What Bruce and I have in common is that we haven’t given up on our dreams even in middle age. Bruce will be skating in the Olympic trials this weekend.

Bruce and I have been working together on a project lately, and I’ve been very impressed with his approach to life—his perseverance and willingness to do the hard work to continue improving in all areas of his life. Here is the opening of a press release he recently published on his own blog.

At age 57 United Airlines 747 Captain Bruce Conner Qualifies for his 4th US Olympic Trials in Long Track Speed Skating.  Bruce Conner hopes to inspires others.

He has qualified at age 19, 49, 53 and now at 57, the oldest competitor ever.For the 4th time in his life, Bruce Conner has qualified to skate with the best in the sport. Narrowly missing the Olympic team in 1975 at age 19, he retired from the sport and pursued his other passion, flying.  Now at the top of his field as a United 747 Captain, he flies all over the world.  His other full time job is training to compete at an elite level of competition.

To read the rest of his press release, click here.


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2 responses to “An Inspiring Athlete

  1. For someone who is 54 (meaning me!), that story is very inspiring. Reading about twenty-something hotshots is great, but at times I wonder if I’m over the hill. Now I know I’m only halfway up. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

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