Just in Case Research

Last summer, while we were visiting my husband’s sister, we strolled through the formal gardens at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Since I think it’s quite possible I might have to describe an estate with a formal garden in historical fiction someday, I took a lot of photographs as “just in case research.” Here are a few of my favorites:









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9 responses to “Just in Case Research

  1. Ooh, “Just in case” research! That’s fantastic. I never thought to call if that before.

    Those gardens are beautiful. /understatement

  2. Nice! I love gardens. I have many, many pictures of gardens and sculptures. 🙂

  3. Lovely pictures. Hope you get to use them some day.
    I kept a newspaper clipping of two very odd twins from England. I had no clue what I’d do with them but eventually they turned up in my medieval novel as a pair of witches.

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