The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte: Progress Report

I’ve finally turned in every last piece of The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte I need to send to production. The last two pieces to go were the table of contents and the back cover synopsis.

We have finalized the cover design. We did our interior design work weeks and weeks ago.

All the chapters have been poured. The designer says it’s looking good, and she has given me a page estimate. She’s also been sending me questions about the end matter. (I have to have a copyright page because of the real letters and documents I quote, plus I’ve included a bibliography of my main sources and a set of reader’s discussion questions.)

I haven’t heard yet what our projected publication date will be. However, the designer has been working much more quickly than I anticipated, and she’s supposed to send me PDFs of the book today or tomorrow.

I feel like I’m sledding down a hill, slightly out of control, with the wind rushing in my ears. Soon, very soon, I am going to be a published novelist. It still doesn’t seem real, but I guess the only thing to do at this stage is to enjoy the ride.


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9 responses to “The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte: Progress Report

  1. Just wait until you get that first hard copy in your hands. What a rush!

  2. That’s so exciting! I think I had a heart palpitation for you xD Congratulations, hun ❤ Will there be a cover reveal for us?

  3. krystal jane

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see your cover. 😀

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